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Mentorship is what makes a Uvize community work. Becoming a mentor is easy! Offering to answer questions within Uvize, and helping other students is how we'll all succeed.

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Becoming a mentor

At any time, you can edit your profile by clicking your name > profile

go to profile

Then click the 'edit profile' on your profile page.

edit profile

On the mentor details tab, you can choose whether or not you want to make yourself available as a mentor.

profile mentor details

If you do, then you can choose to offer your availability globally or just at your school.

You can also input a mentor byline. This is searchable and will help students find you, so be sure to write about how you're willing to help.

Finally, you can input expertise tags. These tags help students find you as well.

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Searching mentors

From the mentors page, you can search mentors.

mentors page

Just input different search criteria and we'll search mentors by tags, mentor bylines, bio, and major.

mentors search

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Bookmarking mentors

Bookmarking a mentor allows you to 'save' a mentor that has been helpful to you or that you'd like to keep in contact with.

From a mentor's profile page, click the arrow to the right of the message block, and select "Bookmark Mentor" from the dropdown menu.

save mentor

Now the mentor will show up on the mentors page under "Your Mentors".

my mentors

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Engaging with a mentor

Mentorship is fundamental in the success of students. When engaging with a mentor, always be respectful of the mentor's time. Mentors volunteer themselves to help others out of their own time. Do not be rude or harass a mentor. If a mentor is unable to help you, then politely thank them for their time and reach out to another mentor who may be able to help you.

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