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Events allow the members of groups to plan places and times to meet in person. Group administrators can create events for anything. Maybe it's a study session for a study group, or a casual social gathering for Army veterans on campus, or a planning meeting for the carpool schedule. All you need is a place and a time!

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Creating an event

Events are created from a group's page by an administrator of that group.

From a group's page, click the Add Event link in the sidebar to bring up the event creation form:

Create Event Form

You must enter a title, location, and start time. After you enter a location, you can click Test Map Link to make sure your location works with Google maps. If your event has an end time, click Test Map Link to set it.

When you're satisfied with your settings, click Next to invite group members to the event:

Invite People

All group members will be invited by default. Click Select None to remove all invitations, and Select All to add them back again. When you're happy with your list of invitations, click Done to send them.

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Finding events

You can find all the upcoming events for a group at the top of the group's page:

Events Listing

If you were invited to an event, you can quickly RSVP by clicking Invited and choosing an option from the pop-up:


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Viewing an event

Click Event Page Link to view an event's page:

Event Page

Click Attend if you plan to attend the event, or use the dropdown if you can't make it:

Event Page Dropdown

If the event organizer has enabled it, click Google Maps to get a map to the event location. Click Google Calendar to add the event to your calendar. Click "show all" under the members of the group. Click Invited or Attendin to bring up the event attendance interface:

Event Page Attendees

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Managing an event

The organizer of an event can change its settings and its invites. From the page for an event you organized, open the dropdown:

Event Page Organizer Dropdown

Click "Edit Event" to bring up the event's settings:

Event Page Edit

See the guide for creating an event for more information on changing event settings.

Click "Edit Invites" to invite or uninvite group members:

Invite People

See the guide for creating an event for more information on event invitations.

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